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Personnel: Asuka Kakitani (composer/arranger/conductor)

John O’Gallagher (alto & soprano sax, flute)
Ben Kono (alto & soprano sax, flute)
Jason Rigby (tenor sax, clarinet)
Mark Small (tenor sax, clarinet)
Kenny Berger (baritone sax, bass clarinet)
Jeff Wilfore (trumpet, flugelhorn)
David Spier (trumpet, flugelhorn)
John Bailey (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Matt Holman (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Mark Patterson (trombone)
Matt McDonald (trombone)
Jacob Garchik (trombone)
Jeff Nelson (bass trombone)
Pete McCann (acoustic & electric guitar)
Mike Eckroth (piano, rhodes piano)
Dave Ambrosio (acoustic & electric bass)
Mark Ferber (drums)
Sara Serpa (voice)
Tracks: 1. Bloom (10:51)… Solos: John Bailey, Jason Rigby, Mark Ferber
2. Electric Images (10:08)… Solos: Dave Ambrosio, Mike Eckroth, Pete McCann
3. Bumblebee Garden (8:26)… Solos: Matt McDonald, Sara Serpa
4. Dance One (9:40)… Solos: Mark Ferber, John O’Gallagher, Jacob Garchik
5. Opened Opened (ひらいた、ひらいた) (7:21) (Japanese traditional/A. Kakitani)… Solo: Kenny Berger
6. Dragonfly’s Glasses (とんぼのめがね) (8:57) (K. Hirai/A. Kakitani)… Solo: Ben Kono
7. Islands in the Stream (10:22)… Solos: Matt Holman, Mark Small, Pete McCann
8. Skip (9:23)… Solos: Mike Eckroth, Mark Patterson, Mark Ferber

“Bloom” was commissioned by the BMI Manny Albam Commission.
“Opened, Opened” and “Dragonfly’s Glasses” were funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center.

Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York on June 14th and 15th, 2011 by Michael Marciano
Mixed by Michael Marciano, JC Sanford, and Asuka Kakitani
Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio
Produced by JC Sanford and Asuka Kakitani
Cover photography by Jaime Kahn
Band photography by Noriko Ueda
Designed by Tom Beckham

All compositions by Asuka Kakitani unless otherwise indicated. ©2012 Asuka Kakitani (InatnasMusic/BMI) All rights reserved.

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